Some artist and clients I worked with were kind enough to share their feedback on my work and provided these appreciated remarks.

I think the photographs are outstanding. I just love what you have captured in ‘The MOTHER’ – I think it might be what the playwright [Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz] would have wanted.

— David Grant, Actor

View The Mother photographs.

super great.

— Robert Wilson

That is such a beautiful film, and so evocative of the actual experience of doing the walk – I was transported back to August last year. Bravo, as Bob would say!

— Richard Strange, Musician/ Actor/ Writer/ Curator

Watch Robert Wilson ‘Walking’ film.

… thank you for your fantastic photos. Your sensitivity, enthusiasm and humour on the day made you a delight to work with – and the images really capture the atmosphere.

— Alice Carey, Artistic Director – Bobby Baker

View Rudi and Roxy Roadshow photos.

You’ve expertly captured so many gorgeous moments it’s going to be difficult to choose which ones to use.

– Alex Jackson-Long, Associate Producer, “Dickens Abridged”

I have no idea how you got some of these shots! You really captured the feel of the day.

– Simon Cummin, Producer, SJC Productions

View Dickens Abridged rehearsal photos.

Very pleased with the photos, and thanks for scooting around so discreetly, not an easy task.

– Louisa Martin, Curator/ performance artist

View The Everything and Nothing Problem photos

It was just so lovely meeting you and you are a genius photographer and so say all of us who have seen your work.

– Marcia Farquhar, performance artist

View the Mistaken Presence photos

Having such a great level of documentation is great, not only for the projects themselves but also because it enriches the experience of viewing the archive.

– David Allen, CGP London

View Wake and Archipelago projects

I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work on WAKE/ ARCHIPELAGO. I’ve never seen someone so selflessly dedicated to an art project! (And I love your photos)

– Laura Milnes, Artsadmin

View Wake and Archipelago project

Great pictures!  You’ve really captured the spirit of the playing – looking at them I can hear the gig all over again.

– Kerry Harvey-Piper, Red Grape Records & Management

View Quintessentially Soho photos

… the photos are so cool I want to use them all somehow somewhere! I’d like to fill the whole booklet with photos.

– Khyam Allami, musician

View “Resonance/ Dissonance” DVD recording photos.

You are such a diplomat and utterly charming to boot!  Thanks so much for your hard work on this.

– Dr. Victoria Walters, Winchester School of Art

View the Global Futures Forum 2013 poster