• July 2011

Anne Bean

11/12 July 2011.

Time-lapse video


William Cobbing

18/19 July 2011.

David Coterrell

25/26 July 2011.


Carl von Weiler

2/3 August 2011.

Rachel Lowe

9/10 August 2011.

Bronwen Buckeridge

16/17 August 2011.

The Exhibition

An Exhibition of WAKE photographs at Dilston Grove. Part of my commission to document WAKE over the six weeks, was to produce one image per weekend in collaboration with the artists. Each weekend, an image of the previous performance/exhibition is put up. By the end of WAKE, six images were up on the wall and the exhibition was open to the public as part of the last Friday of the month on 29 July 2011.

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