March Meeting 2012

  • April 2012

I was very delighted to be invited by Sharjah Art Foundation to lead a session in March Meeting 2012 on ‘Documenting and Archiving Art Commissions and Residencies’.

Below are the brief of the session, snapshots of some of the presentation slides and the research text that fed into the presentation.


A discussion-based collaborative session aiming to explore and inspire a commitment, through knowledge, to providing skilled and high level documentation to benefit art commissions and residencies, and to enrich the experience of viewing the archive. The key points of the session include:

• Showcase the benefits of developing ways of involving the documentation process of commissions and residencies from the initial idea onwards.

• Explore different methods of documentations based on the nature of the art practise, e.g. still photography, video, time-lapse, text and audience participation.

• Examine new output platforms available of the documents, e.g. online, social media and mobile Apps versus traditional forms, such as print and DVDs.

• Highlight the issues of ownership and sharing copyright between artists and image-makers.

Selected Slides


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