Handmade Journeys

  • November 2014

Commissioned by Parasol unit and in partnership with Rose Bowl, I led a 5-day workshop for 8-13 year olds to create diaries inspired by Shinro Othate‘s exhibition at Parasol unit (12 October – 12 December 2014).

The workshops took place between 27-31 October 2014 and the result of the work was exhibited at Rose Bowl on Friday 31 October.

Sketchbook Youth Project: Handmade Journeys in partnership with Rose Bowl

A journey measured not in distance but in the change (delta) of what is collected and what is discarded.

The moon – fully dressed – too high to reach: a photograph; a glimpse of a one-sided conversation: a scribble; the sound of a shadow passing by: a sketch; the smell of a flower whispering to a tree: a colour; the taste of tea: a smudge.

Inspired by what Ohtake describes as “collaboration with ‘what’s already there,’ whether internal or external”, the 5-day project with Hydar Dewachi encourages looking, listening and reverie. Through copying or cutting out material from the immediate surroundings and pasting them onto pages of sketchbooks, participants will create journals made of compositions that are autobiographical and visually stimulating.

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