Fan Club #3: Shipfic Bodyswap Copyriot Partylife

  • February 2016

A fan club event in relation to Larry!Monument, commissioned for Jerwood Encounters: Common Property, which pays homage to the fantasy romance between One Direction members Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, as documented by fans known as Larry Shippers. It includes the world’s first Larry Stylinson tribute performance produced by Parry and a chat show by fan fiction author Eliza Clark. This was the third in a series of fan clubs by Owen G. Parry (Fan Riot), exploring the figure of the fan as an unassuming model for invention, mobilization and revolt.

Fan Riot is a project by Owen G. Parry with contributing artists and fans. It explores the phenomenon of fandom at a time when distinctions between the artist and the fan are increasingly diminishing. It contemplates the ways artist and fans are negotiating these cultural shifts; making way for new expressive languages, and unusual and imaginative forms of creativity and collectivity:

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