3-Phase Performances

  • December 2017

Photographs from two performances at Jerwood Visual Arts, part of 3-Phase exhibition, which presented new work by Larry Achiampong, Mark Essen and Nicola Singh.

Voyage of the Relic Traveller

Larry Achiampong with Shiraz Bayjoo, 9 December 2017

“A new performance by Larry Achiampong with Shiraz Bayjoo. Directly linked with Achiampong’s Afrofuturist project Relic Traveller, the performance simultaneously combines multi-channel visuals depicting historical, present and future colonial narratives accompanied by an intense, beat-driven live soundtrack of remixed audio and spoken word.”



Nicola Singh, Jenny Moore and Harriet Plewis, 16 November 2017

“A performance by Nicola Singh, Jenny Moore and Harriet Plewis, in which they presented the result of two afternoon rehearsals. For these, the performers met inside Singh’s installation to improvise, react and respond to the space and to each other. The performance speaks back to the initial, collective moments of making that begun Singh’s project – a workshop with women artists that explored the organisation of language around the female body and voice.”


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